Superconducting Magnet Power Supply

Front Panel image of Superconducting Magnet Power Supply 4G-100
Superconducting Magnet Power Supply 4G-100

Hall Scientific Ltd. is pleased to introduce the Model 4G Superconducting Magnet Power Supply from Cryomagnetics Inc.

4G represents our “4th Generation” of power supplies optimized for superconducting magnet operation. Since the late 1980s, Cryomagnetics has refined power supply designs on a wide variety of superconducting magnets. This experience has made their Model 4G the most advanced superconducting magnet power supply available today.

All Model 4G power supplies are 4-quadrant, true bipolar systems featuring smooth sweeps through zero. All are equipped with USB, Ethernet, and IEEE-488.2 interfaces.

A full-color, backlit TFT liquid crystal display clearly indicates output current, voltage limit settings, and system status. No other superconducting magnet power supply provides such complete information to the user on the front panel.

Image of Superconducting Magnet Power Supply 4G-100 Rear Panel
Superconducting Magnet Power Supply 4G-100 Rear Panel

The Model 4G is available in several configurations to fit your application. The single-output Model 4G-100 features a bipolar output of ± 100 amperes at up to 800 watts (± 10 volts up to 80 amperes, ±8 volts at 100 amperes)

The current settability with the Model 4G power supply is 0.1 milliamps — an order of magnitude better than the present Model CS4 power supply offers. Stability will be ± 0.005% of Imax, or 2 mA, whichever is greater.

A persistent switch heater (PSH) power supply is included in the Model 4G. Two PSH supplies are standard in the dual output model.

Cryomagnetics has taken the popular programmable sweep rate range introduced in the Model CS4 power supplies and increased the ranges from three (3) to five (5). Versatile programmability allows the user to specify several different sweep rates for different current ranges of the magnet – making it possible to sweep a magnet slower in a particular range if it is more sensitive there without user intervention. A fast ramp capability of up to 10 amperes/second is also included.

Safety features include magnet quench detection and protection, automated ramp down of current in case of an error, input power loss, and over temperature. There are safety interlocks for persistent switch enable/disable and changing of important magnet parameters and limits. A visual confirmation of the current present in leads will alert users to be mindful of safety when operating the power supply, even if line power is off.

Superconducting Magnet Power Supply – 4G-200

Image of Superconducting Magnet Power Supply 4G-200
Superconducting Magnet Power Supply 4G-200

The Model 4G-200 is a single-output model with an output current of up to 200 amperes at 1200 watts (± 10 volts up to 120 amperes, ± 6 volts at 200 amperes).

The Model 4G-Dual contains two independently operable ± 100 amperes at 800-watt power modules. The TFT LCD display will indicate the output current and voltage of both supplies. Control of both supplies is easily accomplished via the front panel or via computer control.

The Model 4G-100 and 4G-200 have a SHIM option available. This option provides the capability to charge/discharge a superconducting magnet and also charge/discharge supercon shim coils as found on NMR and ICR systems. While charging the main coil, the Model 4G-100/SHIM or Model 4G-200/SHIM will automatically cycle each shim coil’s persistent switch heater to dump induced current.

Image of Superconducting Magnet Power Supply Model 4G-Dual Rear Panel View
Superconducting Magnet Power Supply Model 4G-Dual Rear Panel View

CE-marked for European configurations. Input power is 220Vac (± 10%),50/60Hz.