Liquid Helium Superconducting Magnets

Image of liquid helium superconducting magnets system

Liquid Helium  Superconducting Magnets

Liquid helium superconducting magnets  (wet) from Cryomagnetics are unmatched for reliability and high performance.

Superconducting magnet configurations include solenoids up to 20 Tesla, split-pairs up to 11 Tesla, multiple-axis, and custom designs to your specification.

Bucket dewar configurations include top loading, bottom loading, and specialized designs ate available. Options for belly sections (expanded LHe storage above the liquid helium superconducting magnet), lambda tails, LN2-shielded, and other custom features can be incorporated. High efficiency superinsulated-only dewars give exceptional performance at an economical price.

The superconducting magnet support assembly is designed with baffling to reduce heat leak to the liquid helium bath. Safety overpressure devices are carefully chosen to insure safe operation and protect personnel in the event of a superconducting magnet quench.

Items such as lambda point refrigerators can be added to lower the superconducting magnet’s temperature to 2.2K. In superconducting magnets designed for lambda point operation, this can usually give a +2T increase in magnetic field.

To minimize liquid helium usage, Cryomagnetics will optimize current lead configurations to match your experiment schedule. For example, superconducting magnets used mainly in persistent mode can be provided with fixed current leads that have as little as 30mL/hour LHe boil off in static mode.

State of the art Liquid Helium Superconducting Magnets


Image showing Liquid Helium Superconducting Magnets

Liquid Helium Superconducting Magnets

For superconducting magnets used mainly in swept mode operation, current leads can be optimized so liquid helium usage does not become excessive when high current is applied. Special high-resistance persistent switches can also be installed on these magnets to help minimize liquid helium usage during magnetic sweeps.

In systems that remain in persistent mode for extended periods of time, retractable current leads may be the best solution.

Hall effect and temperature sensors can be installed on the superconducting magnet to monitor system status.

Bucket dewar systems are commonly used with variable temperature inserts, He3 inserts, and dilution refrigerators. Cryomagnetics has the manufacturing capability to provide all these options, or we can interface our equipment with your existing items.

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