SI-435 Silicon Diode Temperature Sensor

Silicon Diode Temperature Sensor

Hall Scientific Ltd. can now offer the Si-435 Silicon Diode Temperature sensor from Scientific Instruments. This product provides the industry’s highest 4K accuracy for an interchangeable and uncalibrated diode temperature sensor. Furthermore, this CAP package remains the most miniature encapsulated diode mount available on the market.

The SMD package also offers the utility of a compact surface mount. These individually calibrated products will provide millikelvin accuracy.

SI-435 Silicon Diode Temperature Sensor Specification:

  • Range: 1.5K – 400K
  • Excitation: 10μA ±0.1%
  • Repeatability: 10mK @4.2K, 16mK @77K, 75mK @273K
  • Magnetic Field Use: Not recommended for fields above 0.1 Tesla below 40K
  • Use in Radiation: Not recommended for use in high radiation environments.
  • Leads: 37 AWG Copper, Polyimide insulation, also 3 inches standard length
  • Mounting Options: SMD, CAP, Canister. Also, all SI Bobbin Models (see Reverse)

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