Cryogenic Temperature Monitors

Hall Scientific Ltd (HSL) has specialised in the supply of Cryogenic Temperature Monitors to the industries.

Cryogenic Temperature Monitors

HSL has also represented Scientific Instruments for 10 years who are a world leader in cryogenic temperature measurement. We aim to support the multitude of industries that require cryogenic processes and environments. HSL supply two complementary product lines as follows:

The cryogenic temperature sensors and instrumentation both measure the cryogenic temperature. They can also control the temperature of a process environment.

The newly developed temperature monitoring systems feature digital read-out displays of the temperature measurements. These have provided a breakthrough for the industry. Moreover, they provide real-time indications of the temperature throughout the course of each experiment.

Cryogenic Temperature Monitors that deliver results

Furthermore, the product line a set of cryogenic temperature controllers. These products also feature a digital display. Remote control facilities will be available as standard. These allow users to control the temperature with unprecedented precision. Achieved via a programmable digital PID control loop and an external PC making it simple to operate.

Today, HSL continues to supply this proven foundation and design instruments for the future. Scientific Instruments incorporates new advances in remote communications technologies. Furthermore, They include integration architectures and user experience features like the high definition, high contrast touchscreen display. This is available on the latest additions to the product line.

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